Margherita Mondadori

The daughter of a wealthy Venetian Textile Merchant.


Margherita is 21 years old. She is slightly taller than average at 5ft 7 with dark brunette hair and dark brown eyes. She is slender but has quite broad shoulders and wide hips. She is not beautiful, her features are too sharp in most people’s opinions, the term handsome could be applied to her. Her nose is long and straight and her chin protrudes a tad too much. However her skin is pale and smooth and her almond eyes are considered quite attractive by some.


Margherita Mondadori is the daughter and only living child of Venerio Mondadori, a wealthy textile merchant and native of Venice. She had a younger brother and sister but both died in infancy. Her mother, Cara, died of cancer when Margherita was 13 years old.

Since her mother’s death she has assisted her father in running the business. Margherita is talented when it comes to accounts and numbers. Venerio has struggled to adopt the new system of Arabic numerals but Margherita has had no such difficulties. Venerio values Margherita’s help and she has travelled to Flanders, England and France on business trips with him. Therefore she can speak English, French and Flemish along with her native Italian. She can also write in Italian and Latin.

Venerio hopes she will marry soon but has been loathe to push her into an arranged marriage. His brother Antonio joined the priesthood and despite this had an illegitimate son, Faccio. Antonio has been trying to persuade Venerio that Margherita should marry her cousin Faccio but he is a wastrel and Venerio worries he would drink away the family fortune. However he is also worried that Margherita will not marry and there will be no one to inherit the business.

Margherita Mondadori

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