Raphael Di Vecchio

Dirty Old Man & Professional Painter


He used to be tall (5ft10) but otherwise plain, and his once brown hair is now pure white and his brown eyes are faded and blood-shot. At 62, he’s a wreck of a man, but his letcherous leer is still evident and his carnal lusts still vigorous.


A drunkard, a letch and a gambler; Raphael was once a keen young artist but over the course of 40 years his wanton and debauched lifestyle has gotten the better of him and he has long since finished trying to earn a living by hawking normal two-a-florint portraits and landscapes, instead he earns his daily bread by producing erotica and obscene nudes on commission.

His artwork has become notorious and is much sought after, however, his letcherous antics and reputation have not escaped the notice of the religeous authorities who have put pressure on the mayor of Genoa to chase the old degenerate out of town.

Wracked with the clap, gout and old age, Raphael has returned to his birthplace, Venice, a place that holds fond memories such as his one time affair with a local merchant’s wife, Cara Mondadori, which resulted in the birth of an illegitmate son, Felipe, who was subsequently sent off to a monastery before being adopted by Guiseppe DeFranco, a sewer cleaner. Raphael has heard rumours from afar of a dull young man with little talent for art who bears a striking resemblance to his younger self.

Raphael Di Vecchio

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