Welcome to Perspectives

A quick introduction to this campaign

Perspectives is a short campaign based on GURPS role playing system.

It is set in Venice, 1271 dc, and the rules and limits of that world (and society) are fully in place.
Only human characters are permitted. No software engineers, no laser guns.
Characters can have the background you like and can come from foreign countries. Just be aware of any linguistic disadvantages.
None of you can be the Doge or the Pope, nor any king or queen. But you can be very rich; or a beggar or …
However, the GM will review and discuss the characteristics of your character with you before starting the campaign, to make sure it fits with the others and with the plot as well.

Some practical info.

You are asked to prepare your character in advance, following the rules that Jen write so well in the Character creation page of her adventure. Please write down carefully how many points you spend (for basic or secondary attributes, skills and advantages) or gain (for each disadvantage). Any left points can be used to increase skills or others in the future.

The next rules apply to the choice of your skills:

  • no racial advantages are kept into account – you are not given the skills Jen assigned to humans by default in her campaign;
  • you can decide to spend either 12 or 16 or 20 points to get a skill. The final level will be different (of course) and will be defined with the GM using the rules book.

As a general rule, you are required to select a sensible set of skills which suit your character (a shoemaker good at karate is quite unrealistic, unless you have a very convincing story for it!)




I was just wondering do we start out with 100 points as we did in my campaign?

Welcome to Perspectives

Yes Jen, 100 points as well.

Welcome to Perspectives
laferlav laferlav

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